"For me, as an artist, what’s important
is to cover everything from the emotional
to the literal, and in order to do that
I give myself a very tough time.
My emotional veil at times became
my weakness but most of the time
it reflects and projects strength of
the soul of my existence beyond
gender and other ordinary issues.
Being a woman in society like
ours is a constant fight with the
inner identity and outer personality.
It is a ‘dilemma’ between dual
persona of an individual, as women,
here, we are either the object of
celebration or victim of situation."
Art is great. In the name of art one can do anything and everything.
Background still from ico-lation, video installation (performance). Duration 3 mins 40 sec, 2014
Staring Women Cosmopolitan Women Installation
Concept of Modern Radha Abstraction Digital Labyrinth
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